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Thousands of angels; awaited the call of Christ
on the day of the cross. ” you think I cannot appeal
to My Father, He will once put at My disposal more
than twelve legions of angels? ” (Matthew 26:53)
One legion equated to six thousand soldiers.
Quick math reveal seventy-two thousand
hosts of Heaven stood poised to
rescue their Master.oo0o
And If He opened
our eyes, what
would we see?
Moms and Dads,
you’d see angel
escorted your
loved child
to school.
Travelers see
angels encircling
aircraft. Patients,
you’d see angels
monitoring the
moves of the
your sleep.
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i know, i have to go Harold & Maude

David Buckle <david@onlizinenet.com>Tue, Sep 22, 2:39 PM
day we’re okay,
not a we are not
going to charge to
aservice, or access or 
anything such as that?

it’s not what we’re about
maybe you can convinces.
and we do have this notion 
to charge little to read book
that’s half written which there
has never been fees.

how would you do something like
to sell access on Amazon, or some thing 
it on on booksamillion, is there good reason
we should provide some cut forever virtual-book
sold? people will willable to get charged a nominal
fee for them download a hard copy?  How does that get
up and running?  we guess you charge a fee for away to do
that, each copy? (that will get disseminated over the web, when
the first copy is transfered, right?) 

O Christ

be glorified, for he that is greatest among you shall be your servant; not to

infer this David’s great, no no, just a lowly human, with flaws… just like everyone else.



geeksquad rules.

collactiona.live .

more than regards

them to use their huge

brain to assist those not so

attuned: the required wavelength

where sincere help can be given as we

require. they go to the extreme level of help

who have an accent that is very hard to


but just hanging up, trying again till the customer actually

connects to computer-wisdom inside that English language IS

a welcomed event. it is difficult to relate to a foreign accent in the

realm of western civilization. relegating smart brained employee’s to

continents similar may be a cheaper method of throwing problems out to

individuals who have that will, the smart’s to attempt to be educated in those

subjects, in this case: intricate and in-depth as computers require to know good…


‘i know nothing’ he said… kudos o’plenty to those who do: https://cellularsales.com ‘dig’

Firefighter’s recollection of 9/11/01
Bridge Over Troubled Water

it’s September 21, 4:17.11 & now 4:35.43

effort, not so much ‘things’ that were going to occur; truth be known that is exactly how it was stated:  “this thing WILL happen.’ Dave was not so prideful as ‘fo’sho’ end of to my attack, but i figure: is in my tiny mind, requested is for what my history is now. my faith that everything was requested of Jesus, did gomind you, everything that i asked Him for is now in my history book, at no time had my dreams,showed themselves in those wild chapter’s. there will be no embellishment in what we will scribe to the web stuff of by David Buckle. in no way am i any more powerful than any of you. some who pick up my thoughts and ideas for perusal at a more convenient time are not encouraged to follow my journey inside this too brief time where the ‘things’ seen and heard that created the wild grin most never saw on my mug.

believe. these next weeks/months so, till then?

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From: David Buckle <davejbuc3@collactiona.live>
Date: Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 11:51 AM
Subject: many upon many ideas come about
To: <idea@wretched.org>

 will be sort of deep; some story, well… we’ll see.

we did more recent websitesspanning as far back as 1996but the younger blog are the avenues concerning as of late. dig your program, it more than often agree with you, the ‘more’ being switched with a word ‘always.’

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Can a two thousand year old book shed light on our modern day

maladies? Can The Bible really help a person overcome those dark

thoughts and even darker temptations?

The answer is a resounding and emphatic YES!

God has the power to create a universe then send

His Son to successfully die for sinners.

God certainly has the power to comfort you and help you find a good

way forward. If you are struggling, there is hope.

pay attention,
to what will be
that next leader
of the free world.

do remain drain the
swamp of every doof
inside it; all toys with
which they bug our U.S.

but we were not ones to
bother, buy we WILL pray
October 8, 2020 1:41.34 PM

Elah Yisrael, God of Israel (Ezra 5:1)
Elah Yerushelem, God of Jerusalem (Ezra 7:19)
Elah Shemaya, God of Heava (Ezra 7:23)
Elah-avahati, God of my fathers, (Daniel 2:23)
Elah Elahin, God of gods (Daniel 2)

too wise


wait on, the aforementioned puhlitical advert leads one, a sheeple, dis-informed fool to believe that Trump is going to make you not affording medicines for your children; THAT

is the buden campaign promise, be like everyone else, despite their currency situation to just blindly accept crap they hear on the box (radio) the dumb, fools that created that ad.



Choose which definer you trust. some public are holding an ingredient that every tom-dick- harry thinks they know, as do sheep think, that know what direction to run, no havingthe intellect recall there’s a cliff just beyond the horizon – dig this – are gregarious, we mean that sheep band together, pretty much stay together when grazing etc. Sheep see the dog as a predator, or danger, so they band together for protection and move away from the dog that represents danger. they are immature in their minds they need someone to show them which way to run; and as with that herd mentality [ doing, that whatever the herd is doing ] but J.C. knows that about originally dumb people. but those over their knew where the food was, so we follow them; not knowing, beforehand, that that one sheep, the leader of the massive flolock, do have that unknowing recollection ( been down that road before ) of the tragic destiny for conclusion of the jog. BUT we humans have a shepherd that controls the dog; being the wiser of mammals; understands more than those sheep have more keen memory. that controls the activity the dog, and the more wiser, than not shepherd relies on a human brain, which is supposed to have ample memory to guide the dog, in turn the sheep, controlled by the shepherd-dog; and it is being guided by man, the shepherd herder, the gaggle of sheep are led in the different direction than the cliff that hold not more than death in it’s pocket.

September 21, 12:39.o3 PM

No, don’t go that way! oh no.
See, cats have more than one life, those who do not know, the ibex, risks a tragedy; but they have best nimble feet. They can run the risk and survive it.
WE, ALL, CANNOT AVOID A TRIP TO THE HEREAFTER; all the time. dig David Attenborough

and now for something completely different: the3rdonlive-wordpress-2019-09-15-know

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