Oct. 2, 2020, 10:28.13 – not 1992

on that dia, @ 11:3? PM David was, called to a task that is not ever concluded, dig it?
stolen 2019

delivered 10-2-1992


Collapse allPrint allIn new windowmany ideas upon this mind; many ideas do came about. so… deal; like i do…

David Buckle <davejbuc3@gmail.com> Sep 19, 2020. 11:51 AM

to idea within more recent; websites spanning as far back as 1996

but the younger blogs are the avenues concerning as of late

dig your program, more than often i agree with you,

‘the more being switched with the word always.

the3rdonlive.wordpress.com/www-pinterest-shepherdschapelcom-createmore joy



update: 10-2-202o 3:02.O2 PM

this is dedicated to my better friend in Texas, Gooch. Eric heard most of my predicted effort, not so much ‘things’ that were going to occur; trutH known it is exactly how it is was stated:  “these thing WILL happen.’ David B. was not so prideful as to a’fo’sure’end of attack, but i figure: n my little mind, requested is for what my history is now. my faith that everything was requested of Jesus, did go, mind you, everything that i asked Him for is now in my history book, at no time had my dreams showed themselves in those wild chapter’s. there will be no embellishment in what i will scribe to the web pages created by David Buckle. in no way am i any more powerful than any of you. those who pic my thought and idea for your perusal at a more convenient time, believe you me. these next week and months, what then? dig Pinterest why does anybody lie? ready for it to hit fan?

From: David Buckle <david@onlizinenet.blog>
Date: Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 11:51 AM
Subject: many, upon many, ideas come to mind:
To: <idea@wretched.org> dig the hair watch?v=Pj0FaoXHnlE

ninahagenshrineinterviewspage3 FEARLESS onlizinenet getreadyt’star’some ONLY FOR mature Cristians (Jesus Lovers) YOU’LL HAVE NO RIGHT RIGHT 0o

 will be sort of deep; some story, well… we’ll see. did more recent websites spanning as far back as 1996 but the younger blog are the avenues concerning as of late dig your program, AND more than often i agree with you, the more being switched with a word always
httpsthe3rdonlive.wordpress.com/httpshttpspinterestomshepherdschapelcom+created joy

dig this

Educational Video Network?

The guy below George Russell, WHO gave me expressed permission to do this, and i HAD, only now am i lead to believe there’s an audience; which we do continue to doubt. a SAME thing with the doubtful opinion of the massive hit said to be garnered: our ShepardsChapel gig… North America’s NEARER AND FARTHER future IS bounty! IF CHRIST DOES NOT VISIT THE NATION ( the ‘experiment’ was washint0n, nor the 50… IT was/IS: “We must defend OUR republic AGAINST enemies BOTH foreign and DomestiC” Don’t we see: cronies of under the radar gang very willing to sell U.S. OUT to an oriental gang (there may be a confederation) among that United States that has figured out a method: joy and peace, on the this itsy bitsy speck of universal dust which all of us me call home. speech writer might be in the cards, duknow. As JFK was giving his inaugural, a U.S.M.C. ESG was just below our then President; being proud as any citizen the Marine Corps had owned; for a second tour of the decade’s conflict of disagreement. Do see that generation’s media-ploy to unseat THAT LOVED President? think Mr. Donald’s losing?



ah yes...
idiots on school-boards
you tell ’em George!
grave danger


google.com/search?q=the3rdonlive AND WHAT OF THE CHILDISH DEBATE THIS EVENING; GOOD LORD. 866.229.0927 11-8 Mon-Fri, Sat 11AM-3PM

only 1’s and o’s

Have not ever gotten one, not many, but one note of feedback.
it is our impression that just one *(1 person) claiming that title
of web ‘master’ did share a return a tiny note concerning how
our own impression, in this case our faith; how it’s our own to
share with even the befuddled netizens out there in the ocean
of 1’s and o’s. this and that is only sharing what has worked to
be a constant reminder that we, perhaps you, them, those over
there are, in fact, nothing. but pebbles in the vast expanse of a
beach called the Milky Way. get use to to miniscule experience,
it being a given; despite our own pride and self-opinion. there’s
always, ALWAYS someone, somebody, some thing that is better. be the more happy for it.

  • ” false” said the reply. to think, that for over two years there
  • has been NO VIEWS to the general gist of the meaning for a blog sometimes religiously kept up on.
  • never has our WM ever, EVER gotten, even a tiny not to be a confirmation, positive or not, of anything is publicly posted…
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