Educational Video Network?

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only 1’s and o’s

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PTSD Guidelines

Turns out those who are grounded into their reality, are secure it, don’t change much. “unchanging atmospheres that envelopes the whole being is what being grounded is.” providing you have a solid foundation of family and/or friends, the roughest storms of life cannot, will not shake our peace. it is really liberating to remain consistentContinue reading “PTSD Guidelines”

Gold Star Families

FROM YOUR SITE ARTICLES These Gold Star families capture their grief in new book – Americas … › wearethemighty – This Navy SEAL wants to inspire kids to reach their full potential … › joshuasteinhauer – wearethemighty – wearethemighty – wearethemighty Navy SEAL Jimmy Hatch now helps working dogs stay safe … › USMC AnContinue reading “Gold Star Families”

we’ve things to teach:

David Buckle <> @Tue, Sep 22, 2:39 PM we’re okay,not a: we are notgoing to charge toa service, or access or anything such as that? it’s not what we’re aboutmaybe you can convinces.and we do have this notion to charge little to read bookthat’s half written which therehas never been fees. i sees You Lord how would you doContinue reading “we’ve things to teach:”