Oct. 2, 2020, 10:28.13 – not 1992

on that dia, @ 11:3? PM David was, called to a task that is not ever concluded, dig it? stolen 2019 delivered 10-2-1992 many ideas upon this mind; many ideas do came about. so… deal; like i do… David Buckle <davejbuc3@gmail.com> Sep 19, 2020. 11:51 AM to idea within more recent; websites spanning as far back asContinue reading “Oct. 2, 2020, 10:28.13 – not 1992”

Educational Video Network?

The guy below George Russell, WHO gave me expressed permission to do this, and i HAD, only now am i lead to believe there’s an audience; which we do continue to doubt. a SAME thing with the doubtful opinion of the massive hit said to be garnered: our ShepardsChapel gig… North America’s NEARER AND FARTHERContinue reading “Educational Video Network?”

only 1’s and o’s

Have not ever gotten one, not many, but one note of feedback.it is our impression that just one *(1 person) claiming that titleof web ‘master’ did share a return a tiny note concerning howour own impression, in this case our faith; how it’s our own toshare with even the befuddled netizens out there in theContinue reading “only 1’s and o’s”