Arcade Men’s Room

Posted on Aug 16, 202

Arcade Men’s Room

Age: 64 lives in Charlotte Family: wife Patricia; children: Reagen

and Bergen. Charlotte has few institutions, but The Arcade Men’s Room

most definitely one. Cecil Taylor, started barbering in the early 197O’s, buying

the shop from George Cook in 1974. Over the past 40 years, Taylor has cut hair

bank managers and unemployed slackers like David. IS TONSORIAL ARTISTRY.

As of May 22, 2020 We have reopened our beloved 105 year old barbershop,

Per the State Board of Barbers & CDC guidelines, implementing mandatory

covid 19 masks, big cleaning, sanitizer tools, real barber-chairs for clients.

We have removed the waiting area chairs to allow physical distancing as well as spacing the barber chairs 6 feet apart. We want to ensure our clients are feeling safe & enjoying the service. Do visit see us and support our small business 💈
> Cecil Taylor‘s Arcade Men’s Room < dave spent 23 years in Cess’ chair, dig it. hola Nina

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