we do have more time than we know what, NOT, to do with… WHICH DEMANDS A QUALITY WEB-SERVICE THAT WILLNT, UNLESS WE’RE CONVINCED BY SOME WM, WHICH is doubtful, at least for this time being, F R E E! plus. we ain’t quite ready

to publish quite yet. WE do have our sights on a producer, but 1450 is the bit too much till our allowance is raised; sooo… Mom? Dad? what say you? dig which-ever direction WORDPRESS STEERS US: a genuine & qualified printer that will be

lone third of a corporate gig that David hopes to create via w\WP’s deciders, not your excellent WM wannabe’s which have always; ALWAYS done U.S. quite a BIG-TIME, very, truly, SUPERB SERVICE. K U D O S -%.] Cody Taylor… who’ll produce

each of our three videos; that won’t be using an Mtv to circulate X’s for Eyes’ dig. Not to say the neat-o real reality show that will bring Puck back to star in an up- and coming tale involving a resurrection and a 28 years-old ska conglomeration

of musical talents: Lee Davila, Read Jacobson, Billdo Grady, Steve Holt, Jonathan Chamrad [TEXAS QUESTIONS] John Stasels most excellent gitar ripping that had bee3n a draw for our initial Compact CD ‘YOU NEVER TAKE ME DANCING!’ which

was the ‘plaint of Lee Davila’s then squeeze. oh: WE HAD TO LOOK UP did [2] two CD’s, SO YA KNOW. dAVID WAS OFF THE HEAVEN, or hell, whatever you believe in; not inferring David was so crass, to deserve the basement room, as in Oxford, AL,

with his race-car driver instructor brother; WHO shared three wonderful inspiring movies with David that shaped, in a major way, David’s future adorations and his desires… yup, dave does love bobs and page-girl hairstyles… she did that to a six

year-old prepubescent femme lover. who? she; dig. it’s 1:o1.29 PM

Published by

David Buckle 11:33 PM (0 minutes ago) to david pay attention prAy to this surrender - - - - Kimber? would you go with me? - - - - - - Thousands of angels awaited the call of Christ on the day of the cross. "Do you think I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?" (Matthew 26:53) One legion equated to six thousand soldiers. Quick math reveals that seventy-two thousand hosts of Heaven stood poised to rescue their Master. - If God opened our eyes, what would we see? Moms and Dads, you'd see angels escorting your child to school. Travelers see angels encircling aircraft. Patients, you'd see angels monitoring the moves of the surgeon. Teenagers, would see angels overseeing your sleep. - RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg IT'S 2:00PM October 11, 2020AD 2:59PM


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