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Have bad things REALLY happened to you?

You and God have alternative definitions for the word bad. Parents and children do. Look up the word ‘bad‘ you’ll read definitions such as “pimple on nose,0” “Friday night all alone,” or “pop quiz in Geometry.” know this: pimple pass. And it won’t be long before you’ll treasure the quiet evening home. Inconvenience? Yes, Misfortune? Coitenly. but… do save that adjective for emergency rooms, cemeteries. What’s ‘bad‘ to a child isn’t always ‘bad.’

there is the playbook; investigate yesterday, or be left behind when it begins to be real. we’re never going to disclose ‘when or where’ that isn’t our job. but we can alert every one of you that there’s about to be a big change. the story has been written for thousands of years; many authors conspiring to let the secret out. there are great theories that are relegated to certain groups, none do agree, none can know for certain how this will occur. U.S. in America are the most blessed nation on the face of the planet,
humans are a climax of the climax of HUMANKIND is the principal
adverb. be sure, a more active term is all of HUMANITY.
that is the only group that is invited to grow
with the initial design, the chosen.

all are called, few will rsvp.