Educational Video Network?

The guy below George Russell, WHO gave me expressed permission to do this, and i HAD, only now am i lead to believe there’s an audience; which we do continue to doubt. a SAME thing with the doubtful opinion of the massive hit said to be garnered: our ShepardsChapel gig… North America’s NEARER AND FARTHER future IS bounty! IF CHRIST DOES NOT VISIT THE NATION ( the ‘experiment’ was washint0n, nor the 50… IT was/IS: “We must defend OUR republic AGAINST enemies BOTH foreign and DomestiC” Don’t we see: cronies of under the radar gang very willing to sell U.S. OUT to an oriental gang (there may be a confederation) among that United States that has figured out a method: joy and peace, on the this itsy bitsy speck of universal dust which all of us me call home. speech writer might be in the cards, duknow. As JFK was giving his inaugural, a U.S.M.C. ESG was just below our then President; being proud as any citizen the Marine Corps had owned; for a second tour of the decade’s conflict of disagreement. Do see that generation’s media-ploy to unseat THAT LOVED President? think Mr. Donald’s losing?

ah yes...
idiots on school-boards
you tell ’em George!
grave danger AND WHAT OF THE CHILDISH DEBATE THIS EVENING; GOOD LORD. 866.229.0927 11-8 Mon-Fri, Sat 11AM-3PM

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David Buckle 11:33 PM (0 minutes ago) to david pay attention prAy to this surrender - - - - Kimber? would you go with me? - - - - - - Thousands of angels awaited the call of Christ on the day of the cross. "Do you think I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?" (Matthew 26:53) One legion equated to six thousand soldiers. Quick math reveals that seventy-two thousand hosts of Heaven stood poised to rescue their Master. - If God opened our eyes, what would we see? Moms and Dads, you'd see angels escorting your child to school. Travelers see angels encircling aircraft. Patients, you'd see angels monitoring the moves of the surgeon. Teenagers, would see angels overseeing your sleep. - RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg IT'S 2:00PM October 11, 2020AD 2:59PM

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