David Buckle Tue, Sep 22, 2:39 PM
day we’re okay,
not a we are not
going to charge to
aservice, or access or
anything such as that?

it’s not what we’re about
maybe you can convinces.
and we do have this notion
to charge little to read book
that’s half written which there
has never been fees.

how would you do something like
to sell access on Amazon, or some thing
it on on booksamillion, is there good reason
we should provide some cut forever virtual-book
sold? people will willable to get charged a nominal
fee for them download a hard copy? How does that get
up and running? we guess you charge a fee for away to do
that, each copy? (that will get disseminated over the web, when
the first copy is transfered, right?)
just asking, before someone turns your table over. peace be with you, David hola Nina

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David Buckle 11:33 PM (0 minutes ago) to david pay attention prAy to this surrender - - - - Kimber? would you go with me? - - - - - - Thousands of angels awaited the call of Christ on the day of the cross. "Do you think I cannot appeal to My Father, and He will at once put at My disposal more than twelve legions of angels?" (Matthew 26:53) One legion equated to six thousand soldiers. Quick math reveals that seventy-two thousand hosts of Heaven stood poised to rescue their Master. - If God opened our eyes, what would we see? Moms and Dads, you'd see angels escorting your child to school. Travelers see angels encircling aircraft. Patients, you'd see angels monitoring the moves of the surgeon. Teenagers, would see angels overseeing your sleep. - RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg IT'S 2:00PM October 11, 2020AD 2:59PM

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